CEES offers the best quality MRO services in close cooperation with GE OWS for Customers in Europe and worldwide, taking benefit from the following factors:

  • Convenient location, allowing fast engines/ engine modules ground transportation;
  • Short turn-around time (TAT);
  • Experienced, OEM trained staff, providing high quality services;
  • Immediate response to request for on-site services;

Depending on the maintenance scope and level, three scenarios are possible:

Engine on wing:

In this scenario an engine inspection (visual, borescope, penetrant), engine components (LRU) replacement, simple repaires, etc. are possible.


Engine off wing – minor repair:

In this case an engine usually require removal / replacement of some components or modules to perform quick repair.

The typical example is so called ‘top case repair’, which is usually necessary after the bird strike or FOD incident. To do this repair the engine must be removed from wing, put on pedestals or transportation cart. The procedure allows to replace or blend damaged High Pressure Compressor (HPC) blades and return the engine to service within few days.

Engine off wing – major repair:

In this scenario, there is typically a damage to the engine internal elements (turbine blades or nozzles or combustor liners). The faulty module can be swapped with the serviceable one in a very short time. Of course, this procedure requires the spare or leased module to be available.

If the spare module is not available, the faulty module must be removed and send back to the contracted overhaul facility.

Finally, if the engine requires restoration or the complete overhaul, it can also be arranged and managed by CEES.